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  • Jul 05, 2024 by Dennis S.

    This is a long overdue review of Mikey's. I'm one of those multi-hyphenate folks who needs a variety of stuff in the audio stratsophere. Mikey's has applied their expertise, problem solving and most importantly having everything needed to everything from patch cords (the highest quality not like the old 'Shack) to most recently a replacement headshell for one that was wonky - they even remounted the cartridge - and that ain't going to happen on Amazon. Not to mention you can always get in a great conversation with them. It's the Cheers of audio and computer and music stuff. There's no place in L.A. (or for that matter NYC) like it.

  • Jun 08, 2024 by Tosh B.

    A music store with computer equipment, turntables, vinyl cleaning stuff and hardcore selection of cables. They also can work on your Apple products. A great store.

  • Jun 08, 2024 by Tosh B.

    A music store with computer equipment, turntables, vinyl cleaning stuff and hardcore selection of cables. They also can work on your Apple products. A great store.

  • Jun 08, 2024 by Tosh B.

    A music store with computer equipment, turntables, vinyl cleaning stuff and hardcore selection of cables. They also can work on your Apple products. A great store.

  • Jun 08, 2024 by Tosh B.

    A music store with computer equipment, turntables, vinyl cleaning stuff and hardcore selection of cables. They also can work on your Apple products. A great store.

  • May 06, 2024 by Christopher M.

    Great spot- I have been twice - nice people just fixed my problem for free in 5 minutes- would have been 2 hour journey at apple. Love the low key environment- also have some nicely renovated vintage audio equipment which adds to the vibe- recommend

  • May 05, 2024 by Christopher M.

    Great spot- I have been twice - nice people just fixed my problem for free in 5 minutes- would have been 2 hour journey at apple. Love the low key environment- also have some nicely renovated vintage audio equipment which adds to the vibe- recommend

  • May 05, 2024 by Nicole Z.

    OH MY GOD THIS PLACE IS INCREDIBLE. I recently had the very unfortunate luck of spilling water and destroying not one, but two laptops. My sister had recommended Mikey's a while ago, and they fixed my Mac laptop screen late last year. Had a great experience, but nothing of note after that experience other than a very easy, smooth alternative to going to the Apple Store. More recently, after the water spill, I realized that my Box "drive" was not syncing to my Box account - which was a huge problem because the water damage was so extensive they weren't sure if they could recover any data from my desktop. (And, of course, the Box folder didn't sync to the Cloud.) Well, they were able to get the data on my hard drive despite significant damage to my computer. And then when I couldn't find where the Box folders were syncing on the recovered external hard drive, the wonderful man at Mikey's found it for me after troubleshooting with me for about 30 minutes. I honestly cannot recommend this place enough. The people who work here are so helpful, friendly and knowledgeable. Parking is easy - they are quick and communicative. And, let's be honest, I'm just happy not to give any more of my money to Apple.

  • May 04, 2024 by Nicole Z.

    OH MY GOD THIS PLACE IS INCREDIBLE. I recently had the very unfortunate luck of spilling water and destroying not one, but two laptops. My sister had recommended Mikey's a while ago, and they fixed my Mac laptop screen late last year. Had a great experience, but nothing of note after that experience other than a very easy, smooth alternative to going to the Apple Store. More recently, after the water spill, I realized that my Box "drive" was not syncing to my Box account - which was a huge problem because the water damage was so extensive they weren't sure if they could recover any data from my desktop. (And, of course, the Box folder didn't sync to the Cloud.) Well, they were able to get the data on my hard drive despite significant damage to my computer. And then when I couldn't find where the Box folders were syncing on the recovered external hard drive, the wonderful man at Mikey's found it for me after troubleshooting with me for about 30 minutes. I honestly cannot recommend this place enough. The people who work here are so helpful, friendly and knowledgeable. Parking is easy - they are quick and communicative. And, let's be honest, I'm just happy not to give any more of my money to Apple.

  • May 03, 2024 by Alex A.

    These guys are so nice and helpful. Went in for my broken Macbook screen since they were closer to me than the Apple store. I was hesitant at first as I've always gone to the Apple store itself with problems, but they were great, got it fixed, and were very communicative. I can't recommend them more!

  • May 03, 2024 by Alex A.

    These guys are so nice and helpful. Went in for my broken Macbook screen since they were closer to me than the Apple store. I was hesitant at first as I've always gone to the Apple store itself with problems, but they were great, got it fixed, and were very communicative. I can't recommend them more!

  • Apr 17, 2024 by Veronica H.

    These dudes were so cool and chill. Fixed my dumb ass iPad problem in minutes. No charge. Local & in my hood. Drove by their billboard on my way home!

  • Apr 17, 2024 by Veronica H.

    These dudes were so cool and chill. Fixed my dumb ass iPad problem in minutes. No charge. Local & in my hood. Drove by their billboard on my way home!

  • Apr 06, 2024 by John S.

    Guess I have to go to Guitar Center to get a guitar cable. Looks like this is now an Apple repair shop. My bad.

  • Mar 25, 2024 by Cherry W.

    I had an AMAZING experience here. they were able to trouble shoot my mac laptop. they were also really cool and nice and accommodating. thank you so much mikey and team!

  • Mar 24, 2024 by Cherry W.

    I had an AMAZING experience here. they were able to trouble shoot my mac laptop. they were also really cool and nice and accommodating. thank you so much mikey and team!

  • Mar 11, 2024 by Jonathan B.

    I just happen to be buying some wine for the Oscars at Silver Lake Wines and thought I'd pop in to Mikey's to see what it's all about. Found my new go to place for computers tech, Mac, cables, gear repair and help. They actually know stuff (unlike the kids over at the Apple Store, bless their hearts) and as the name suggests, will hook you up with repairs cables and good advice.

  • Mar 09, 2024 by Jesuit L.

    Great and helpful crew at Mikey's! They have a wall of cable odds and ends for all video and audio needs AND they're in the neighborhood which is a big plus since the options these days have sadly dwindled to nothing. Will definitely be back!!

  • Jan 05, 2024 by Blaine B.

    I don't go out of way to give reviews, but I'd give these folks six stars if I could. They were friendly, gave great advice and saved me a ton of money. Thanks!

  • Jan 05, 2024 by Luci G.

    These guys are good people, trustworthy, and good at what they do. I highly recommend.

  • Aug 16, 2023 by Cameron J.

    I was bracing myself for an hour long wait forgetting where my car was parked in the parking lot and probably a huge up charge for a hopefully small fix. These guys were not only kind and friendly, but fixed my computer so quickly and did not make me feel like a Digital halfwit. Upon looking around I noticed that everything that was in the store was my husband's heaven. Highly recommend coming here to get your digital items fixed or just to browse and go shopping for your gear loving pal.

  • Aug 09, 2023 by Barry I.

    I cannot praise this gem of a neighborhood store highly enough. Yesterday I decided to buy two portable backup hard drives from Mikey's rather than from an online retailer because on previous visits I was struck by the quality of their inventory and the pleasantness and expertise of the staff. As it happened, when I brought them home the drives didn't work on our PCs because in spite of what it said on the packaging, they had been formatted for Apple computers only. I'm pretty competent with computers but I had no idea how to reformat a drive that isn't recognised by my PC. I took them back to Mikey's expecting to have to deal with store credit, finding a different product, etc. but instead, one of the guys fixed the formatting problem on both drives in five minutes, even though the problem was not the retailer's fault in the first place but rather a manufacturer's issue. Can you imagine what I would have gone through if I'd had to return the drives to Amazon and attempted to replace them? This experience alone fully justifies my decision to get in my car, drive down the street and give my business to this wonderful local store. It's a great place with a great vibe and such good products. An easy five stars.

  • Jul 18, 2023 by Elizabeth G.

    Great Service! Knowledgeable kind people. After hours of trying to figure out how to hook up my imac laptop to a monitor it took two minutes. "Just press command F1". Support local businesses! Go here! If you want great service, kind, knowledgeable people who know their craft, this is the place. For days, I couldn't figure out how to hook up my old imac lap top to my new LG monitor to screen share my desk top. After over an hour on chat with LG support, the edict came down to it's a mac problem. Then more fun on the phone with apple support, which dropped the call after a half an hour, and then another hour on the phone with yet another "advisor" it was determined that I need to update my software, which I didn't do. Then I made an appointment with the apple genius bar, selecting Mickey's Hook Up as a purely instinctual choice, as the last experiences in the apple stores were painfully condescending. Within the first 5 minutes the problem was solved. "Just push command F1," said Mikey. Of all the instructions on the apple support site, and the people I talked to on the phone, none of them had this answer. I also got advice not to replace the fan in the lap top but instead to consider it may be time to get a new computer. See you later Mikey for that purchase! Please go there and support local small businesses.

  • Jun 21, 2023 by Jacob S.

    great store. employees are kind and knowledgeable. I got computer help, another person got camera help; answers to our questions were clear, concise & informative. Seems to be an excellent destination for AppleCare needs. My laptop is working better than it has in years and its great to have a trusted shop for the future. Plus they sell Ernie Ball guitar strings :)

  • May 11, 2023 by G K.

    This place is a gem. I did service with them twice - two laptops, and am so pleased w the quality, the care, and the promptness of their service. They seriously brought back to life two of my laptops! Thank you again!

  • May 02, 2023 by Z L.

    Excellent Mac service, and within time estimate. Great clues, tons of equipment, excellent customer service.

  • Apr 24, 2023 by Connor N.

    Nightmare customer service and bad technicians. Spoke to Mikey himself and he was unapologetic about wiping five years of my data with no heads up. The original email from the technician, Justin, stated clearly that my data was fine and would be transferred when they installed the new logic board. I proceeded with the repair assuming he was telling the truth. I took home a completely wiped computer. There was no other communication besides letting me know that my computer was ready to be picked up. Total cost was about $1500. They refunded the labor (about 200 bucks) after 30 minutes of painfully difficult conversation where Mikey refused to acknowledge any wrongdoing because it was "an Apple issue" with the T2 security chip. I'm sure it was - but at no point was I ever informed or given the chance to make a decision on my own. They just proceeded haphazardly, assuming everything would be fine and that I'd deal with it if it was not. I highly suggest avoiding this place at all costs. There are so many other repair places in Los Angeles.

  • Apr 11, 2023 by Meilani K.

    Super friendly service. I came in with issues with my iPhone and I was helped right away. We ended up not needing to do any fixes, as the phone was able to get working without any fixes but if I ever had any additional issues with my phone or MacBook, I'd definitely come here. They seem extremely fair and want to be helpful. Free parking lot as well!

  • Apr 02, 2023 by Darren S.

    Stoked Mike's was able to hook me up with the cable I needed when neither Best Buy nor Apple had it

  • Mar 20, 2023 by Amanda M.

    I love this place so much. They are so helpful and calm and kind. So much better than the Apple store.

  • Mar 13, 2023 by Elizabeth S.

    I thought I had to get a brand new iMac, but Mikey's seriously saved the day. iMac was shutting off randomly so I took it in to the Apple Store and they said they fixed it. The issue persisted, took it back to the Apple store, they suggested that I get a new iMac or have to pay a ridiculous amount of money to get the computer checked out and repaired again. I found Mikey's on Yelp and took my iMac in, and got my ram replaced but the issue still persisted. When I took it back to Mikey's they did all they could to run all the tests on my iMac, while keeping me updated during the whole process. My iMac works like new now! Their prices are reasonable, and their customer service is amazing. I know they're actually trying to help me whereas, Apple store, I cannot trust they want to help me save money and fix my damaged products. The turnaround time to repair is also quick! Huge shoutout to Justin for being patient with my iMac and helping to fix the issue for GOOD! I'm so happy my iMac works without any issues now : *) TLDR; Mikeys over Apple Store anyday.

  • Jan 26, 2023 by Michael V.

    I came in for a battery replacement for my iphone. I am also, admittingly, in that category of "computer illiterate." Though I used a computer for my job for the past 30 plus years, I never took the initiative to educate myself further about set-up, options, requirements, etc.. I mentioned to the gentleman at Mikey's Hook Up I purchased an apple ipad to replace my 30 plus computer that has been invaded with "god knows" how many viruses and if they could help me set it up or better yet, show me the basics since my computer expertise goes back to the late 1900s. I was told "no problem" and no appt. needed. Wow, was I relieved. My go place from now on. Thanks guys!

  • Jan 07, 2023 by Richard L.

    I've found this place recently for macbook after it was severely damaged. monitor, trackpad, keyboard, have been cracked and bent horribly. I had no hope for this and did not expect that I would have been able to have it back to life again! :( Nevertheless, they tried their best to fix it and about 2 weeks later, they called and informed that they were able to recover it to work astonishingly fine! and there were issues on motherboard after about a month, and I suppose it was most likely caused from the very first incident. Again, they had no problem replacing the part again and now I feel like I have a new macbook. Great shoutout to Mikey's hook up LA and WILL DEFINETELY REFER THIS PLACE TO AS MANY PEOPLE AS POSSIBLE!!! :) Thanks bros.

  • Nov 15, 2022 by Comme P.

    Worst service. Had a glitch on my iPhone they said the could fix it in a few hours, got called and was told volume button wasn't working now (obviously happened when they attempted to fix it) Second call was to say they ordered me a replacement phone and would arrive in about 3 days.... Cut to a week and half later I had to call several times to ask what is going on?? Zero communication from them. Way over priced as well.

  • Oct 31, 2022 by Chris A.

    I needed a specific cord for a speaker used in film editing and as usual, Mikey had the correct one. My friend who installs editing suits was so surprised that this little shop had all the necessary connectors and will be a new client ! Thanks to all the technical help regardless of needs (editing, design, sound). We are so lucky to have these pro's in our neighborhood. Any questions, just call and you'll have the answers and options to solve any problems big or small.

  • Oct 24, 2022 by Aroosa S.

    These guys literally HOOK YOU UP! They helped me with my MacBook Pro and it looks brand new! They were also done before the ETA given! Definitely making them my go-to for anything Apple + tech related. Everyone in there is also SUPER NICE, laid back, and straightforward.

  • Oct 01, 2022 by Becca M.

    This place has the most amazing and helpful staff! I brought in my computer to get the battery replaced and they not along did that to perfection, they also replaced my keyboard (which had some wear and tear) as a surprise bonus!! And they did it quicker than they even promised. 10/10 love Mikey's.

  • Sep 30, 2022 by Erin W.

    Super easy communication and kind, helpful people. I made an appointment through Apple, didn't wait at all when I got there, and communicated after with Mikey via email. Great service. Also fantastic posters all over the walls.

  • Aug 29, 2022 by Priscilla S.

    Really appreciate the expertise here! The Genius Bar couldn't fix my malfunctioning external hard drive, and the Apple employee recommended I reach out to an Apple certified repair place. I was able to get an appointment at Mikey's for later that day! The tech at Mikey's quickly confirmed the Apple guy's diagnosis and explained my options. Unfortunately, they were so busy that it would've taken them two weeks to get to my drive, but the tech explained that it was a fairly simple fix, and he walked me through repairing the drive myself! I was able to get everything working and rescue my files that night. I felt so empowered! This was my second time visiting Mikey's, and both times I was deeply impressed by the employees' knowledge, their ability to communicate complex ideas, and the value and quality of the tech sold at the store. Thanks for taking such great care of me and my devices, guys!

  • Jun 14, 2022 by Oliver C.

    These guys went above and beyond to help me fix my Macbook Pro during the pandemic lockdowns. My warranty had recently expired and I needed to continue utilizing my Macbook Pro for work. The staff at Mikey's was responsive, friendly, and the turnaround was faster than expected. I will definitely be recommending their services to my friends and family.

  • May 26, 2022 by Raleigh T.

    I'm an idiot and not so computer savvy. I inadvertently spilled liquid on my MacBook and turned it into meatloaf. I searched all my local apple stores and nobody had any MacBooks in stock. Total dead man's strut. Nothing but dissonance. Guess who "hooked me up"? That's right. Mikey is the best. He's no Mr. critical. He knows his shit. Lick my shoes, he found me a new lap top and had it shipped to me the next day. I was happy as bees coming down all over the place. And now, I'm 8 ball rollin' again. Thanks Mikey! You are a Witch Doctor. And I'm out.

  • May 24, 2022 by Steven G.

    These guys are amazing, super nice and helpful. Real people who really care. Cool shop too!

  • May 16, 2022 by Christen S.

    Super nice and fair. I'll definitely be going back to them for any repairs. Easy parking too!

  • May 13, 2022 by Jennifer B.

    Mikey's is pure gold. Skip the Genius Bar and go here. Every time I've had an issue with my computers over the years they've given me inexpensive fixes I had no idea even existed. I went to the Genius Bar after spilling a latte on my computer--they told me I needed to replace it. Took it to Mikey's and they figured out an inexpensive workaround that kept it running for two more years. Today they helped me get a free replacement for a dud battery on a new Mac I bought. Can't recommend them more highly. Awesome local business! Apple store told me I had to have the motherboard in my Mac replaced, and Mike immediately suggested a workaround that got my machine up and running for 30 bucks (saving me nearly $400). Genial and friendly and good music too. My boyfriend and I are so psyched we have a place to go for any repairs we need to our Macs now.

  • Jan 04, 2022 by Shaun S.

    This is a Los Angeles Gem!!!! Staff is very educated on every product they carry. Fantastic service and just all around awesome store. If you have audio, video, or of course Apple needs this is your spot!!!! Thanks Mikey!!! Absolute Legend mate!!

  • Dec 07, 2021 by Kelvin A.

    Solid honest place of business , they didn't end up working on my computer but were honest and fair from when I walked in to when I picked up my computer . I'll bring them Business in the future .

  • Nov 07, 2021 by J J.

    Ryan and Lewis are incredible with customer service. Not only did Lewis quote me an price that's way more affordable than any other Apple repair store, but they found a program for me that would provide an even bigger discount. Look no further if you need your Apple products repaired. Come to Mikey's Hook Up!

  • Nov 04, 2021 by Linnea S.

    10/10 absolutely a wonderful experience. Steamlined process of drop-off and pick-up, and such a welcoming environment. Asbolutely the best certified Apple repair in Los Angeles.

  • Oct 22, 2021 by Richard C.

    These guys are the best... great about knowing Apple care and the ins and outs. Top knotch!

  • Oct 07, 2021 by Karen G.

    I've had keyboard issues with my 2018 MacBook Pro and had been putting off getting it repaired because all my work is online. I was all nervous about leaving my computer but after reading all the great reviews, I decided to drop off my computer before my 2-week vacation. The staff was super friendly and answered all my OCD questions. They contacted me as soon as it was ready for pick up and made the whole process seamless. I've been using my computer again for a few days and it truly feels like a brand new computer! Don't hesitate. This place is awesome!

  • Sep 21, 2021 by John A.

    Always gets the MacBook fixed when I need it. My battery health deteriorated during COVID, and they replaced the battery. Very reliable to fix my laptop during this covid situation. They are very nice and fixed my screen display. Just took them 1 week to fix it and they even have my stuff saved in my laptop. Good job

  • Sep 11, 2021 by K R.

    Great service and such an easy experience. Needed my laptop repaired and they are partnered with apple so it was the same process as doing an apple store representative. Such a better way to get things handled. Good parking and location. Totally recommend! Will be coming back.

  • Aug 26, 2021 by Ana P.

    They were able to help me with my Mac! I didn't want to buy a new one because mine is in perfect condition but old (bought it in 2014). They guys were very helpful and my computer was ready to go a few days later. They have a small parking lot on the side, and I was in and out fast. I did go on a Sunday though.

  • Aug 08, 2021 by Robert L.

    Chill guys working when I went who were happy to help and had exactly what I needed. When you are looking for something electronic/possibly music gear related but don't feel like dealing with the incompetence at a guitar center or scene of and Apple store or supporting a wannabe space Cowboy like jefffff bozos go here! Support local

  • Aug 01, 2021 by Mariama K.

    Super honest and upfront! Helped me out with my vintage turntable. Very patient and truly willing to help! Will be back for any issues I have in the future

  • Jun 27, 2021 by Rima J.

    I just went to Mikey's for the first time, to see if they could help with a relatively simple problem - hooking up my 2012 MacBook Pro to my TV via a Thunderbolt port. I'd started to lose video signal from my computer to the TV. I ditched the old cable and bought a new one, Thunderbolt/HDMI, but still no consistent video signal to my TV, therefore no movie, no display. Now I was worried I'd have to replace the port in my Mac to fix this, a pretty pricey fix. Sunday afternoon, 4:15pm - I called Mikey's, they said bring it in, they'd test to see what was wrong. I asked about making an appointment, and they said no need, no one there right now. They were great! True to their word, the shop only had me as a customer, so it was quick, the tech guy was accurate, and the problem is fixed. When he used their cables, everything worked. My new HDMI/Thunderbolt cable was iffy. He replaced it with a combo of HDMI/HDMI cable to a Mini DisplayPort to HDMI Adapter. I bought the Adapter and a 10' HDMI/HDMI cable. When I got home, I tried everything out - it all worked. I even already had a 6' HDMI/HDMI cable, so Mikey's said just return the 10'. Both guys in the shop couldn't have been nicer, and the tech guy made everything easy for me to understand. I was in and out in 15 minutes. Great! Definitely recommending them to friends in the area. I'll be back for any other Apple issues!

  • Jun 25, 2021 by Natasha O.

    I'm still not entirely sure what I did to Tina (my MacBook) but she was stuck on startup. I took her into these beautiful angels here at Mikey's and they fixed her up like brand new....SAME DAY!!! And it was still in warranty so I paid nothing, except for my Uber there cuz I didn't wanna lose my parking spot by my place. They were super cool, super fast, super nice and super cute too!!! Hotties rawr! MAKE SURE YOU GO HERE!!!

  • Jun 13, 2021 by Anna L.

    If I could give 10 stars, I would. I second the other reviewer's ABSOLUTE JOY at never having to go to a mall Apple store, or talk to a "genius" ever again. I needed a Macbook Air battery (mine wasn't holding charge), so I was informed how to install it myself, and also purchased a 1TB La Cie hard drive to replace my 250gb dinosaur from 2013. By watching the video, I was able to do my first-time battery install, recalibrate it, and now my laptop is a thing of joy instead of a thing of frustration I want to throw across the room. Made my appt for a Saturday noon, got there early and was seen right away. Louis helped me and he was so informative and just a kind, non-condescending human being who wanted to help me solve my problem. Not the way all 'geniuses' at the Apple Store treat you. Run, don't walk, if you need anything Apple repaired, or to purchase ancillary products like cables, batteries, hard drives. AMPLE PARKING. EASY. PLEASANT. All transactions should be so smooth.

  • Jun 02, 2021 by Chris W.

    The people here are awesome and very helpful. They stock a lot of things that I need four my computer and for recording. I always try to hit them up before having to go to a big chain store and they usually have what I'm looking for.

  • Jun 02, 2021 by Phil F.

    Their staff's straightforward and humble approach is much appreciated. They've got expertise but they've also got the right bedside manner......such a breath of fresh air when I'd been dealing with smug apple store reps and arrogant apple-approved shop staff as well. Beyond the attitudes, none was able to give me a solution until this place. It's almost as if they were sent from the heavens.

  • Apr 29, 2021 by Madi E.

    I will truly never go to an Apple store again -- Mikey's hook up was INCREDIBLE. The whole internal display of my macbook pro 2017 was shattered and I had a bunch of keys that stuck on my keyboard. Mikey's made sure I was getting a thorough fix, and realized if they sent it in to Apple I could have everything fixed at once. They authorized the shipping with me, and had it done in 10 days flat. I never waited more than a few minutes to be helped by one of their technicians and everyone was SO friendly. Seriously could not recommend this place more. Even has a parking lot on the side of the building for incredibly easy access.

  • Apr 18, 2021 by Richard C.

    What great place this is -- the staff are smart, helpful, and engaged. Walk in service is 7 days a week, and they just get it. Big inventory of dongles and cables and more when you need it faster than UPS speed. Authorized Apple repair shop as well. I'll be a customer for life.

  • Apr 11, 2021 by Sophie R.

    Great experience here! Through sheer idiocy I cracked my Macbook screen (and subsequently ruined the display) and made an appointment through AppleCare, as they're a licensed repair shop, for the next day. I was obviously grumpy and kicking myself for the mistake -- don't use the stick-on camera covers, they'll ruin your display and your day! -- but the guys working there were super pleasant, knowledgable, and helpful (and also all wearing masks, thanks guys). I was quoted a 1-2 week turnaround, got my computer back in just over a week. Will absolutely come back here again. Ample parking doesn't hurt.

  • Apr 11, 2021 by Patrick B.

    These guys are awesome. Extremely knowledgeable and helped me with a giant computer issue. They also have all kinds of great tech, music and dj gear in the shop. Super happy to have them in the neighborhood!

  • Mar 30, 2021 by Flora S.

    I've always taken my Apple products to a Genius Bar when something went wrong with them. However, because of the pandemic, all of the ones near me were closed. So when my MacBook Air crashed, an Apple Support Advisor set an appointment up with Mikey's Hook Up for me. It took 4 weeks from the time I dropped it off to the time I picked it up, but they communicated well with me the entire time (including the exact timeframe) and my MacBook Air is as good as new.

  • Mar 11, 2021 by Leo J.

    What an awesome store. First of all you'll have a blast from the past seeing all the old school tech items they still have, such as floppy disks and cassette tapes. But the best part about this place is the staff. They are super knowledgeable and love to help. Fantastic place for your electronic needs, especially for Apple users.

  • Mar 02, 2021 by Michael R.

    Excellent service, friendly folks, helped me out service my laptop. I recommend for people who are looking for a tech "hook up," but not a romantic "hook up" that's a totally different store.

  • Feb 15, 2021 by Jason M.

    3 Weeks to replace a MacBook battery? NO THANKS.

  • Feb 15, 2021 by James W.

    Service was terrible, don't waste your time. When i called, the guy said no appointment needed, just come in and they will help me. I went there for apple support on sunday. The guy at the counter had an attitude before we even spoke. He didn't seem to care at all about discussing my laptop concerns and very little conversation took place. He made me think he was working on my computer, had me unlock my icloud account, and then gave me a piece of paper asking me to write my name and number. I said what's the paper for, he said so you can leave your computer for 2 weeks. There's no way I'm leaving my computer with this guy. If you have an attitude like that, you should be working with the public. What a waste of time.

  • Feb 11, 2021 by Richard T.

    They are the great! I brought in my MacBook to replace the battery. It was out of warranty and didn't qualify for Apple's replacement program yet they still somehow convinced Apple to pay for the repairs. Friendly staff and pretty cool store.

  • Jan 28, 2021 by Brian K.

    This has become my go-to spot! It's a smaller shop but they've had everything I've needed and they saved my hard drive! I just walked in and these guys are super helpful and knowledgeable. I definitely recommend them for IT and audio gear that can take your setup to the next level.

  • Jan 28, 2021 by Connie C.

    Always helpful and super on top of their stuff. Way better than dragging yourself to the Apple store. Location is great, parking is easy.

  • Jan 21, 2021 by Corinne F.

    When my computer broke, I was really hesitant to get it fixed anywhere other than the Apple Store. However, since all the Apple stores are closed due to Covid-19, Mikey's Hookup was the only authorized provider in the area. Let me tell you, I was pleasantly surprised! First of all, they helped me figure out if my computer issue was covered by Apple (and it was, so the service was completely free!) Then, they quoted me 2-3 weeks for repair -- which initially bummed me out. But lo and behold, they ended up repairing it in LESS time! I got my computer back 10 days later, in perfect condition with no data lost! Heck, they might even be BETTER than the Apple store!

  • Jan 15, 2021 by Mack T.

    The best experience - I took my Macbook Pro here to be repaired under warranty and it was incredibly easy to get an appointment, and repairs were done sooner than estimated. It was far easier than dealing with the genius bar.

  • Jan 13, 2021 by H M.

    1st off as a high-risk individual I really appreciate the covid-safe precautions including the barriers at the registers. Everyone that assisted me was courteous and friendly. Computer returned from Mac good as new! I'll definitely come back for further issues, and also for any tech accoutrements I may need. Well-stocked store and knowledgeable staff.

  • Jan 02, 2021 by Laura H.

    My iMac died, and after spending two and a half hours on the phone with two different supervisors at Apple, they suggested I take it in to an authorized retailer. I called Mikey, and he suggested a few things to try to fix it even before taking it in (very considerate!). I dropped it off on a Tuesday evening just before closing and was quoted a week before I would hear anything - then they called me Friday morning and said it was all done and ready to be picked up! When I asked what had happened in the first place (I'm a total layperson when it comes to computers), Matt was kind enough to explain that and what they did to fix it. Great service!

  • Dec 28, 2020 by Michael D.

    Incredibly helpful staff and it's always refreshing to go to a shop that you know is giving you their honest opinion. Helped me resolve a faulty old Macbook Pro display issue. Definitely will come back, thank you!

  • Dec 18, 2020 by Sam B.

    My computer crashed during the Pandemic. YIKES! I called Apple and they told me all of the Mac stores were closed. Oh no! However, this place is certified by Apple to do repairs. It's far from me. But what can I do? I drove down here to fix my computer. It's a cool little shop that also has guitars and stuff. There's not a lot of stuff to do around there as it's next to a really busy street but it's convenient. There's a big outdoor parking lot in front that is free so that makes things easy. Unfortunately, my computer was not fixable. It was an older computer. But they were very honest about it up front which I really appreciate and they did not try to push me to buy anything. I was also in and out really fast. I did not have to wait around like I would at the Apple store. I really appreciated the integrity of this place. I would definitely recommend visiting this shop for your Apple service needs.

  • Dec 14, 2020 by Alex K.

    I brought my family's apple products to these guys couple of times for repairs. They always do a great job. Super quick, efficient, and friendly. They also sell music equipment and apple products there.

  • Dec 06, 2020 by Daniella E.

    Mikey's Hook Up gets 4 stars all due to Matt. I had made an appointment through Apple for Mikey's as an authorized service provider. I've never been to an authorized service provider and was skeptical. It is located right next to Silverlake Wines and has its own parking lot, turn right at the first lot after Silverlake Wines. Arriving at the desk, the first guy who helped me (although help is a strong word) literally took one look at my laptop and said it's Vintage and Apple no longer provides support. I tried to explain that I was aware that it's an old laptop, but I was expressly assured that this was the last model that Apple was providing support for. Except he was too busy interrupting me. I was actually shocked at how he literally would not let me speak or even explain what the problem was. I hate people who overly use the word literally, but "literally" every single time I opened my mouth he was interrupting me to explain how I was wrong/mistaken. He and I were clearly not getting anywhere and he foisted me upon his colleague Matt that he said was the guy to help me. I didn't bother asking why Mr. Nameless (who never introduced himself to me) even asked what I needed today. Matt on the other hand was incredibly nice and helpful. Explained to me what was going on with my MacBook and how it could be fixed. And proceeded to fix it. Again, I didn't ask why his colleague was so convinced my laptop was beyond saving, but it's fine. Turn around time was significantly less than he quoted me. Would I come back? Not really. I don't live in the area, but if you're in the area and need something Apple related, you should definitely stop by. And only ask for Matt.

  • Nov 22, 2020 by Aaron G.

    The only reason I'm giving them a 2 is because they fixed the damage that was caused by them. I was hesitant to take my iMac to anywhere but an Apple store, but I was referred to them by Apple and they had great reviews. When I arrived to pick up my computer, I was unsure that the device was even mine that I had brought in a brand new IMac that for some reason wouldn't power on but to my dismay I noticed the computer had scratches and dings under the screen as well as on the base. It looked like my device had went through a beating. The owner seemed unwilling to help at first but eventually told me he would take care of this after over an hour of back and forth and sub par customer service skills. All being said the original fix took them 4 weeks! And then another 2 weeks to fix the damage so 6 weeks all together. I'm not trying to turn anyone away from going here but I just want to be the one to tell you to take photos of what you are dropping off with them while they are standing there approving or you may end up in the same situation I did...

  • Nov 10, 2020 by Sara F.

    After getting NO WHERE with Apple reps, I was referred to Mikey's Hook-up for a hardware replacement. I made an appointment through Apple's service center, to later learn that they take walk-ins. I waited five minutes, at most. From the start I had a great experience with Mikey's Hook Up. The business felt extremely clean with plenty of parking. Both Ken and Matt were knowledgeable and very helpful when my Macbook Air's ports stopped working. I was warned that my repair could cost me $300, under my Apple Care plan. I handed off my computer and was told that the repair would take about 2-3 weeks, since it would have to be sent to Apple. (Using Apple directly, I was quoted 1.5 months!) ONE week later my computer was ready, and covered under warranty (COMPLETELY FREE!) Oh, and I didn't loose any data! Thanks again for a great experience. I'll be heading back to my tech angels should I ever need them again.

  • Nov 02, 2020 by Evan L.

    Condescending idiots. Definitely do not trust them with any sensitive information on your devices.

  • Oct 28, 2020 by Emma C.

    First time ever in a computer repair place and excellent experience at Mikey's. A piece of our iPad charger for stuck and we could've get it out at home. I found Mikey's on Apple's website as a recommended authorized Apple technician and took our iPad there. They were incredibly courteous and welcoming over the phone. Even better in person--I don't know what they did but they took out the piece of metal in a few seconds--like magic!

  • Oct 19, 2020 by Patricia K.

    Lovely guys. Lovely service. My MacBook overheated and needed to be repaired and another required data retrieval. I could not get an appointment at Apple at the Grove, so I made one at Mikey's Hook Up. I am so glad it turned out that way. Now I will always go to Mikey's.

  • Oct 15, 2020 by Liam S.

    Always horrible when something goes wrong with your computer! But the guys at Mikey's Hook Up were awesome and really knew their stuff! Made getting my computer fixed an enjoyable experience!

  • Oct 14, 2020 by Seth R.

    I'm so glad I found this place. The owner and staff are THE BEST! A great place for Apple products and stereo equipment!!!

  • Oct 07, 2020 by Beverly J.

    Perfect, quick spot to pop in and out of for Studio needs. Love having it in my neighborhood. Staff is always incredibly helpful and kind. Parking is SUPER easy as they have their own lot. Thank you for being in Silverlake! So happy I never have to step into guitar center again.

  • Sep 30, 2020 by Tom L.

    Awesome little shop--save the long trip to Guitar Center or wherever--he's got a lot of gear: cords, adapters, mics, stands, electronics. Nice guy, smart, quick.

  • Sep 13, 2020 by Salton P.

    Broke my laptop, so via Apple I was sent to Mikey's! Store was clean and up to Covid guidelines, the guys were really nice, told me the price and turnaround time and it was a quick appointment. I came back about a day later, however, because I decided to invest in a new computer overall - they were super understanding, refunded me, and even checked to make sure I was upgrading properly from the right sellers! I can't recommend them enough - thank you so much, and if I ever have problems in the future, I'll be back for sure!

  • Sep 11, 2020 by Cody E.

    Very efficient and friendly service. I had an issue with my Mac's keyboard and the guys here fixed it within about 5 minutes. I will go back next time I need any work done on my computers. For those interested, they also have a lot of audio equipment, cables, and a small collection of vintage guitars and basses.

  • Sep 02, 2020 by Frankie P.

    They are amazing! My mac's battery was swelling. Bummer. So, I brought it in for a replacement battery. They immediately looked up if Apple would take care of it! And Apple totally did! It took less than two weeks! They are cool dudes who know their stuff. And the shop is amazing. The Real Genius poster made realize I was at a safe place! Go! NOW!

  • Aug 30, 2020 by Jonathan P.

    Friendly, fast, chill service! Will definitely be back for more Mac products, repairs, & technical help! Thanks!

  • Aug 15, 2020 by Diana N.

    Great and efficient service. I took my mac laptop in for a battery repair. It feels like a new and much faster computer now. Staff is great, courteous and knowledgeable.

  • Aug 08, 2020 by Food Specialist LilXavs G.

    Don't support this business. If u have no choice make sure to double check your final bill. Although they were friendly and delivered in what i went in for, the final statement was riddled with extra costs that did not reflect the quote i was given one week prior to accepting. The extra costs were hidden in a way that would be difficult to know u were being over-charged.

  • Jul 26, 2020 by Jenny B.

    Can not recommend this place enough! Fast, friendly, and super supportive service. Helped me navigate a lot of BS with Apple and figure out how to get a swollen battery in my MacBook Pro replaced for free. Even followed up with me after I picked it up to make sure everything was all good. Will absolutely go to them for all my tech needs moving forward. Thanks Mikey's Hook Up!

  • Jul 17, 2020 by Christine S.

    I broke the screen of my MacBook during quarantine and Mikey's Hook Up was one of the few Apple authorized service vendors that were open. As a result, there were a few people in line waiting to submit or pick up their laptops/computers and I was given a 3-4 week estimate for repair time. After a few weeks, I reached out to Mikey's to check the status of my laptop. There was some miscommunication which led me to be inconvenienced. However, their customer service was EXCEPTIONAL. The service manager, Chris, took initiative and reached out to me that evening seeking to remedy the situation and even offered to replace my keyboard (space bar was detached). It took just over 4 weeks to pick up my laptop (I'm not sure if this is regularly the case or due to quarantine). It works perfectly and looks as good as new! It's definitely worth the wait to get your MacBook repaired by an Apple authorized service vendor using OEM parts! Especially somewhere like Mikey's with their exceptional customer service. The store front has a ton of personality where bass, guitars, record players, and skateboards are displayed along with movie posters! They provide repair services along with musical accessories like strings and speaker cables to name a few.

  • Jul 10, 2020 by Debbie Y.

    Outstanding service, I'll never use Apple stores again! Staff is friendly and helpful. I'm my only worry is you will need a bigger shop once word gets out! Chill vibe and Covid safety observed. So glad I found you and have my laptop back working like it's new! Thanks Mikey's!

  • Jun 16, 2020 by Joe C.

    These guys are very fast, efficient with any issues I've had with my macbook. They even go out of their way to help trouble shoot and give storage and maintenance advise over the phone.

  • Jun 13, 2020 by Yana N.

    These guys rock so hard. Couldn't hook up to wi-fi, had to leave in the morning, took it in, they fixed it for free-right on the spot! How's that for good neighbors!! I'll be back! THANK YOU GUYS!!!!!!

  • Jun 05, 2020 by J M.

    Needed to get my iPad PRO fixed, no drama no bull shit, good guys, cool shop. I thought it would take weeks, it took days. They also have lots of cool stuff to buy. Easy in easy out just the way I like it. I'm a fan and new customer

  • May 13, 2020 by Amalia S.

    After reading the reviews I thought I found a good store, but I was not impressed. I'm so sad that Apple is closed and I had to come here :( . Made an appointment for Mac fan issues. Firstly, they didn't even ask when my appointment was or to verify who I was, so I don't know what the point was in making an appointment in the first place? Do they even keep track or what? The workers were pretty rude and impatient, the guy informed me it would take WEEKS to fix a simple fan issue, which is ridiculous because if I went to Apple they would do it in a day. They also said since the Mac was an older model, they couldn't find parts for it in the first place, which is ridiculous because any Apple repairmen would know they can just order the older parts if need be. They said since they're SO busy that's why it would take long, so why does your website have so many appointments easily available every couple of days if it's supposedly so busy? (In fact, another yelper commented about how they got their computer fixed in a few days but it would take me weeks for this simple issue? This doesn't make any sense). I've never heard so many strange excuses from a business, so I went to another place and got it fixed with no excuses and no wasted time

  • Apr 28, 2020 by Brian P.

    I would echo everything that's been stated here so far. My 2016 MacBook Pro's backlight decided to die in the midst of the pandemic. After a lengthy chat with Apple Customer Service, they referred me to Mikey's for additional help. From the first moment I talked to someone on the phone till when I picked up my like-new laptop (exactly 7-day timespan), everything couldn't have gone better. They really know how to treat the customers right. If I ever needed any additional tech help or supplies, they'd be my go-to spot in LA. Also, plenty of parking since they have a private lot (but maybe also because everyone is homebound...).

  • Apr 21, 2020 by Scott B.

    COVID LOCKDOWN...but I have a link to the world...my trusty (ha!) MacBook, which had just come back from Apple for having its hi-tech, but ergonomically awkward "Butterfly Keyboard" replaced. Suddenly, the screen would go dark every time I opened it! I called Apple. They told me all stores were closed, but offered that some Certified Technicians may still be available. When they told me about, a place called "Mikey's Hook Up", my mind said, "Whaaaat? I'm not trying to buy contraband!" Well, you do what you gotta do. I called them. Nicest guy ever answered the phone. Asked me immediately if my Mac was one of the November 2016 genre. When I said it was, he told me, "There's a recall service campaign on that machine. I can do it in 3-5 days and we will waive our usual $80 diagnostic fee!" Wow...I headed right over. The shop was totally cool...a mixture of recording supplies, guitars, vintage stereos and new Apple stuff. The guy at the counter was cool and competent. About three days later, I had my Mac back...only this time I had to stand at the door to get it, because the "distancing" procedures had changed. Best part of this happy saga...NO CHARGE! Moral of the story: Don't judge a book by it's cover. If you have Apple product issues, avoid the mall and the Apple "geniuses"...go see these guys! The really take care of you!!

  • Apr 13, 2020 by Emily G.

    I love this place! My Macbook Pro 2016 decided to break in the middle of COVID19. My Macbook backlight went out, and my entire screen appeared black. After calling Apple Support on the phone, they confirmed I needed to take it in, and this was on the Apple Authorized list. I had to do some research and I saw there was an apple warranty program that will fix all Macbook Pro 2016 model for FREE if your backlight goes out!! So I called Mikey's Hook Up and they said they take walk ins and that if they fixed it there it would be 1-2 weeks but if they sent it in to apple for me it would take about a week. The nice man on the phone also brought up and mentioned the warranty program! But I am wondering why the guy on Apple Support failed to mention this program?! I brought my computer in and everything felt super clean. They do not let you inside and there is a covering at the door. This made me feel very safe. When I gave them my laptop they disinfected it and checked it in. Despite my screen being cracked at the bottom, I was still able to get into the warranty program and get it fixed for FREE!! I didn't have to pay a cent which is really nice since I know fixing MacBooks can get really expensive. It took exactly one week to get it fixed! Super convenient and made this entire stressful situation easier. There is plenty of parking and this place is easy to find. My sisters computer broke before Christmas and she went to another apple authorized place (Downtown HiTech) and it was a shit experience, they literally have 1 star on yelp, but she didn't have yelp so she didn't know. So this made me Really hesitant to go to another apple authorized place because of her experience. But I am very glad I went here. I was well taken care of and I am so glad my computer was fixed and free of charge!!!

  • Apr 10, 2020 by Tony G.

    Needed to move my work space to my home office. After several online- curbside pick ups issues I found these guys. After a few back and forth on emails they knew what I needed to make my tower computer wifi ready and increase my signal. It was worth the drive form the South Bay these guys are on point. -tony g

  • Mar 31, 2020 by Alex R.

    My Macbook decided to take a shit during Covid19. My hard drive cable failed, along with my battery. Being a 2011 model, it was not covered by apple care / warranty. Apple referred me to Mikeys Hook Up and scheduled me an appointment. Upon arriving I noticed the shop was doing its best by protecting its business and customers from the spread of the virus. Anywho, just picked up my laptop and I am very SATISFIED! Check them out. Parking available and its next to Silver Lake Wine

  • Mar 26, 2020 by Jordan S.

    Amazing shop. Fixed my brand new 16" MacBook Pro through AppleCare's warranty since they are a certified shop. Did all of this during the CODIV-19 outbreak in a great turnaround time & will definitely go back to them with any of my Apple needs.

  • Mar 23, 2020 by Matt S.

    These guys rule and have the most random but most important necessity's for my tech/audio/video/entertainment needs! Friendly, helpful, and fairly priced. Mikeys shopping list thus far: -egg shaker -tv antenna -1/8" to A/V -midi controller -s video

  • Feb 03, 2020 by Andrea A.

    Mikey and Mike are both amazing and super helpful! Really good service and great attitudes. Parking right out front and silverlake wine next door. This is the best Apple help I have ever gotten. I will for sure be going back if needed. Local businesses rule!

  • Jan 28, 2020 by Hyun L.

    Amazing service & amazing people :)! Don't regret a thing about coming here to repair my laptop! Thank you

  • Nov 14, 2019 by Anna R.

    Okay, literally life savers!! The people here took such good care of me that I brought them pastries when it was time to come and pick up my hard drive. I was so distraught over my situation and they were prepared with tissues and gave me the comfort and knowledge I needed to handle a misfortunate event. Literally the best and I will be recommending them to everyone.

  • Nov 10, 2019 by Elliott L.

    Wow, where have these guys been. I have an ancient computer that needed a new battery. The guy on the phone was superb; he walked me through the entire replacement process. More impressively, he didn't try to hit me up for extra charges. I rushed right over and the service was simply first rate. Cannot day enough good things

  • Sep 13, 2019 by Leah S.

    My girlfriend doesn't have yelp so she asked me to write this. She was extremely satisfied with the service. The two guys behind the counter were so knowledgeable and so nice and really took their time to explain everything. Moving forward she's going back to them and making me also for all of our apple needs.

  • Sep 01, 2019 by Douglas B.

    Great local business!!! Small little shop in-between Rockaway Records & Silver Lake Wines, but plenty of handy Pro-Audio/Video/Music/Computer Supplies all in one convenient location. Just about any audio/video cable you would ever need is available. There's a cool little collection of odd-looking vintage guitars hanging on the front wall next to some vintage stereos. There's even a small selection of turntables available as well. Convenient little place for local musicians to stop in for a replacement/spare instrument cable, guitar strings, drum sticks, & even a bottle of fog juice! Apple authorized Seller & Service Provider and they offer computer repair, upgrade, & data recovery services. Friendly & helpful staff; highly recommended. Be sure to stop in and say 'Hi'!